It's always fun looking back on a year that brought so much joy, learn from the experiences, and apply them to the year to come. Here's a quick look at the goals I set and a few photos to highlight 2016.

I started a newsletter where I shared photos from my travels and of the people I met. Updates to come in 2017.

I tried memorizing scripture and that didn't do so hot. Going to the top of my 2017 list.


Liquid Consumption (in k sips)

Visit for more on the whiskey consumption.


Music Consumption (in hrs)

Forward: 2017

Years seem to fly by faster and faster, especially with a growing family, which why I'm spending this year adjusting my priorities and how I use my time. 

I need to memorize scripture. 4 verses to be specific. It was on my 2016 list but was only half-assed.

I want to read 4 books. One I agree with. One I don't. One for inspiration. And one for a new skill.

I want to call more and tweet less.

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