Every Client Has A Story

It's a hot button word these days and more often than not it's thrown into campaigns just to grab the attention of whomever is watching, listening, or passing by. The companies that truly understand what a story is and who's they need to tell are the ones that will benefit from it's use. Some will throw it into the copy as though the word itself will lead to conversion. 

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to photographJustin Fennert
Stock Mfg. Co. : Banded Collar Popovers

Stock Mfg. Co. is a men's clothing company where each one of their products starts and ends in Chicago. From the sketches to the final stitch the guys at Stock Mfg. Co. pay careful attention to the craftsmanship of their shirts and pants. Recently I got to shoot their new banded collar popovers and it's 100% Japanese Cotton is what had me wishing I was on the other side of the camera wearing them. 

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