Grand Marais

: 47°44'59.1"N 90°19'53.7"W

This year wasn't any different than our past trips to the north shore minus the fact that we were just 100 feet from the World's Best Donuts. We spent 3 days up in Grand Marais, Minnesota, an old port city on the shore of Lake Superior that lies an hour and a half south of the Canadian border. Back in the late 1800's it would have been bustling with ships bringing in trade products that has now been replaced by small, privately owned sailboats. The trading post sits on the shoreline across the bay from the lighthouse and offers a vastly different array of products compared to it's previous life. Mugs, postcards, and candles that smell like they were made from a blend of pine needles and campfire.

Sitting still was hard to do when there are trails in every direction. One of them was oddly romantic (Honeymooner's Point) for a set of 3 guys to set foot on but we were comfortable with that given the view at the top. The lakes in northern Minnesota are often untouched by cabins and boats making the only sounds the echoes of the loon and moving water. So we turned back towards Grand Marais, rolled down the windows and attempted to stop the clock for a weekend of relaxation and card games (sprinkled with a few donuts). 

When you're up north next time, plug in the coordinates and let me know when you arrive. I'll join you shortly.


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