Simple Double Exposure Action with ExposureX2

Ian Barnard and I have worked together on a few projects now and this is one that keeps on giving. The ExposureX2 product, available in the Creative Market gives you the ability to turn any two pictures into a double exposure in photoshop and it's so simple even a cave man could do it (overused?). All you have to do is upload a portrait, or a picture that you want to use as the base picture, and a picture that you want to fade into the other one. The great thing about this product is that you have a few options (below) in how you want the double exposure to look.

Ian did all the heavy lifting with all the photoshop actions and I had the pleasure of grabbing a lot of the pictures that you receive if you purchase the product. The portraits will already be cut out for you and ready to add to the photoshop file but you are free to add your own image to it as well. Below are just a handful of the shots that I took for ExposureX2, but not all are included.

The next list of shots is included for you to use as the background image. Again, you can definitely upload any picture you have for this image but these are available to get you started and to add some different textures to the double exposure. If you pick it up I'd love to hear what you think and see some of the shots that you make with it. Also, a huge thank you to Nina Johnson, Harris Nash, Michaela Quan, Kallie Fennert, and Jesse Schroeder for helping with the portraits!

Ian is an amazing artist out of London who spends his time lettering and developing different lettering effects. He is also passionate about developing the community around him, not just of designers but of people who are willing to make a difference in the lives of others. If you're in London and want to get connected, check out the designer meet-ups that Ian organizes. If you're not in London you can still check out his work here and what he's up to below through the social media links.