The Crossroads of Giving and Receiving

We all live our lives sitting at the crossroads of giving and receiving. Yet most of the time you want to be on the receiving side of those two options. It's just who we are. We need certain things in our lives and sometimes to receive we need to give. It's quite the crossroads. By going down one road you end up going down the other. I travelled to Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, with my wife to help a non-profit with their medical clinics and to document that point when giving meets receiving. We gave everything from medications and vaccines to eye glasses. The most important thing we gave was our time, though. We stopped by a hospital for children where some of the families would end up leaving without the child they came in with. Having an Instax camera I wanted to give the families something that they could hold on to forever. A photograph. When you walk down the road of giving, sometimes the only thing you want to receive isn't tangible. 

This piece will be updated over the next couple weeks and will end up on the pages of the next Let's Explore Magazine issue.