Why VSCO is Better Than InstaChat

As I was drinking my morning coffee preparing myself for a day full of social posts talking about how Trump needs to apologize and why Clinton is a cheater, another headline came streaming through the interwebs.

Instagram buys out Snapchat to create mega-platform

Okay, maybe it read:

Introducing Instagram Stories

Yes, you read correctly. And now that my morning coffee is empty and I'm upset over the fact that Instagram is trying harder than ever to dig themselves out of the pit of ads I wanted to get back to why I (and millions of others) love VSCO. From the moment I bought my first pack of VSCO film until today, VSCO has always been a platform for the creator. A place where the best artists in the world share their work. Joel Flory says it best when talking about the community at VSCO.

"VSCO has become a place where people from all over the world feel comfortable expressing themselves by sharing their photos and journals. It's this expression that makes our community unique and where you'll find the best original and authentic content."

As both Instagram and Snapchat fight over young eyes everywhere and in someway look back, VSCO will always move forward. And as they do this the community will only become stronger and the work will only become better. I find myself getting lost (in a good way) in the VSCO app more and more. I'm sick of the ads and the number of bots on platforms like Instagram and it's only a matter of time before the ads are more engrained in Snapchat.

Now that I've filled my cup and flip through my VSCO feed, I'm okay letting Instagram dig themselves a deeper hole. A stronger community means a stronger world and although Instagram sparked many great relationships, VSCO will only do better.