The Dovetail Series : Maggie Brown x Spektral Quartet

I've heard Theaster Gates speak once and have quickly grown to admire his vision and ability to make things happen. Gates, the mastermind behind Rebuild Foundation and Stony Island Arts Bank, is an installation artist born to the city of Chicago and is devoted to transforming the south side through arts and cultural initiatives. I had a day to roam the city with Kal and Aiden out of town and this space has been on my to-see list after a friend told me about it. I was expecting to stop by, check out Theaster's collection, see Derrick Adams exhibition, and get back home. That all changed when I found out there was a unique event kicking off at the bank later that evening. The Spektral Quartet was performing with Maggie Brown as a part of the foundations new Dovetail Series. Named after the joint made by the interlocking of the strings and jazz later in the evening after each group had played individually. 

What I loved about this event was the fact that you could see vividly the impact fearless collaboration could have on a group of people. Not only did it bring two different styles of music together on one stage, it also brought two communities together in one room. You can learn a lot by looking at how these two groups worked together. Both from drastically different backgrounds who used instruments not often seen together on the same stage to communicate those stories. As expected, both were great independently but destroyed expectations in coming together creating a piece that was both unified and powerful. 

As the two styles of music came together to create one, so did two communities, and it will, in the long run, destroy any doubt that the two should have been one from the start.  


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