Orlando. Two Words. Two Sides

Two words. Love. Hate. You've heard them both since the tragic events this past week.

Two sides. You've probably picked one. Whether it's the loud political rant on terrorism, the social fight, or the gun route, you've picked one.

It's a sad circle. Trial. Anger. Deception. Death. And round and round it goes. This is the cycle when we side with anything earthly. We see this in the on-going political campaigns. Trial. Anger. Deception. Death. It effects your conversations, your actions, and how you treat people. What does that do for the Kingdom? What side are you picking when anger or hate is the response to an event like this?

What if it went like this. Trial. Joy...

Not just the word but the true response of joy that comes from what God has done for us. It has to be seen in what we say and what we do in response to events like this. My first response to all this news wasn't joy. My heart hurt for the victims that lost their lives too soon. It hurt for the families and friends, and it hurt for the people who are now targets of death threats. I know this was a similar feeling from people around the country but I don't think the next response was joy.

But what if? What if you responded to this with joy? That circle would look more like this.

Trial. Joy. Perseverance. Eternal Life.

Two words. Joy. Anger.

Two sides. Eternal life. Death.